Monday, June 4, 2012

Infectious joy

Infectious joy

The drawings in my Italian sketchbook are in the main, happy drawings. Our objective much of the time is happiness, even though life continually throws tragedy, sorrow and violence at us, yet art is about life. To draw unfettered happiness can unrealistic and just a bit soppy!
But I am unrepentant, after yesterdays celebrations I thought sharing this drawing would not go amiss, It is the beginning of a small painting from last week. It is very jolly and not a bit soppy, so I will proceed further with it.
But how? Will colour extend the sensation that silhouette has been so successful in generating, will the use of colour take us to 'pretty'. The English can do a whimsical thing that undermines a melancholic mood, therefore, my aim here is to make you smile with me, for joy is infectious.

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