Monday, June 18, 2012

Sandys Caffe

When in Italy recently we noticed a cafe chain called Sandys Caffe, we went in quite a few. The local variants were always interesting and designed for the local population.
Sitting in a very small one in a fortified hill town I made a little drawing of the interior. Five people, Us sitting at the only table, two local workmen drinking at the bar and the proprietor serving and talking.
I saw the image as tight, confined with overlapping shapes, taken from what I knew rather than what I could see, as when a child draws all four wheels on a car at once.
This is the first pass, the drawing, slightly revised, was transcribed to the canvas and after some meditation - I rapidly applied these colours to describe the interior of 'Sandys Caffe'
Within the spirit of the this initial explosion, I will seek to tune my vision

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