Friday, June 22, 2012


The last blog mention Da Vinci, today its Picasso. As I recall Pablo, his advice was ' You can do whatever you like, just don't do it twice', so today there are no da Vinci smudges! Instead I have turned to ancient Persia, work I have a special fondness for.
Below is a drawing of the derelict chapel at Hotel Casa Volpi near Arezzo. Attracted by the classical form and the trees I made the drawing during a recent stay.
It catches my attention, how to interpret the drawing is always the question, I will try a Persian angle.Taking a ruler I divide the canvas to indicate the building and find a 'Terisiæ' on another page in the Italian sketchbook.
Above is the base colour for a new oil 80cm square. I am not a Catholic as such and have no special respect for St Terisiæ, to whom the chapel was dedicated, but I rather wanted to include a 'Terisiæ' as she seemed present and had a mention on the building - so I put her in. To maintain the metaphysical slant I altered the trees to become guardian angels, such as have figured in many works of mine in the past.
When dry this will be interesting to develop, but not today.

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