Monday, July 23, 2012

Slipway at Ponte A Buriano

Slipway at Ponte A Buriano

I am working on a playful rendering of a riverside site that I drew while sitting by the Arno in Italy. This detail showing three people launching a boat gives a flavour of the whole - although the whole is far from ready to be revealed!
Good company is needed for the journey, and my books furnish me with such encouragement. ancient masters of Persian, Indian and Chinese cultures are open by me. Matisse, a modern master helps, and then I encounter Spencer's Crucifixion from 1921 (below). Both the composition and the mode of application speak to me. I ready to proceed further.
More will follow in due course - the nurture of my mood, the feeding of the mind help me to proceed in the dark. To pull off a 'playful rendering' is always a tricky game.

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