Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Stripes, pink and floor have all been addressed before today, as is often the case, at a certain time I know what to do without forcing the issue. Today I elected to concentrate on the two supporting figures, the 'guardians'. These two told me how they were to be! When I chose a wrong colour or value, it/they shouted at me. Remix - re-apply - OK.
They do have a Persian/Chinese look, which reflects my recent diet in image consumption - I'm easy with that.
Philip Glass accompanied me all day, while the fan whirred and the sun shone.
The coloured enclosures that make up the figures are carefully contrived. Too flat and patterned, wrong. Too 3D and graduated, wrong. I aimed at a constant ambiguity between the two which seemed to work for me.
The central section will wait for another day.

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