Monday, July 30, 2012

Under a different sky

yesterday is yesterday

My painting over time leaves a wake of scattered tokens.
Work done under a different sky.
They have a similar effect as a photo of myself 20yrs ago.
This picture is 'Cafe' and the couple stare at me from yesterday.
I think its me in the cafe - yesterday.

Today is today, not yesterday.
I work under a different sky.
Where I am today is where I am to work,
not yesterday.
Much older I see differently and must paint differently
It is foolish to wear a young mans clothes

Agnes Martin spoke about circling not repeating,
reminding me to be myself, yesterday and today.
Under a different sky.
I am invited to relish this day and the wonder of it.
While yesterday left me a token of the past,
I must strike a new coin for today.

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  1. A stunning piece of work that I first saw at Francis Iles some years ago (6 probably) It made my head spin and touched me deeply such beauty and mystery and sumptuous colours. I have endured such changes and tormentin those 6 short years. Who I was is not who I am nor who I will be. And yet I remain the same.Our words are no who we are!


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