Friday, July 13, 2012

unplanned juxtapositions

Mid term revision for 'Picnic by the Arno', see previous

How the parts are placed on a canvas is very important. Looking back on the initial layout after a week or two it was quite apparent that it was not right. Major revisions of the whole was called for.

Shown here is my revised layout in pencil and strengthened compressed charcoal on a piece of card. Subsequently squared and transferred to the canvas it will serve to relaunch the image. I do find that to square up a small (A5) gestural drawing and transfer it faithfully to a large canvas is a very useful ploy for maintaining energy and life in a work.

With the canvas squared I redraw the new scheme, everything is moved, but not destroyed. The new colour will only partially obliterate the old, giving unplanned juxtapositions of colour that are very pleasing.

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