Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Alessia is the queen of Casa Volpi.
Casa Volpi is the small hotel we stayed in during our late spring visit to Italy and it was Alessia who made us welcome there. I made a number of drawings that reflected the sensation of my stay in Arezzo. This oil painting taken from one of those drawings has been a work in progress for some weeks, that today, saw a move as I recoloured large parts of it. My work will frequently undergo such revisions as I seek to balance the colours with what I recognize as some sort of equilibrium in my mind and heart. With this much in place more fine colour tuning in the figure and the flowers can be attended to.
The formal quality of the piece occurs more and more in my work, The frieze like arrangement and the plant designs flow quite clearly from my recent affinity with the Romanesque period, although unintentional at the time of design, looking at it now it is quite obvious.

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