Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Estorick Collection

In last Saturdays paper I read a glowing review of an exhibition of Italian Abstracts at the Estorick Collection in Highbury.
I had not heard of The Estorick Collection.
With an afternoon to spare in London today I caught a northbound tube on the Victoria Line.
It took me to Highbury, new territory for me.
I like a new place.
A gate in an old brick wall takes me into a garden with a cafe . . . .promising.
I have a Peroni in the walled garden.
I follow six galleries of Italian art from Vortist beginnings through the 20C. Friendly rooms full of art are joined together in this lovely old house
without that heavy 'blockbuster show' razzmatazz.
Much enjoyed.
Should you be in Highbury, call by, ring the doorbell, slip inside for a look.

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