Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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I have been busy sorting stock and publishing a new stock catalogue.

view new online available work.

Alongside the new 350 page stock list that will be placed in the galleries there is a revised Flickr page that now shows all the work for sale along with details and prices for everyone. Not all this work is available at the studio, much is out on show in various galleries, but do phone or email to inquire about anything that interests you.

Introduction to the new stock catalogue

Artists and administration do not sit easily together. As a creative, my mind is more prone to flit and wander, to unravel future pictorial problems or make judgements about form and content - it does not as a rule spend valuable time and mental power on ordering the past.
However - needs must, despite the difficulty of mustering data relating to a constantly changing stock - this catalogue is a snapshot of available work at a given point in time, in this case it is Autumn 2012.
It will of course be immediately out of date as soon as I make a new drawing or sell a sketch - whereas a dynamic online shop would update itself - I need to start somewhere and the longevity of book does have advantages over the transient nature of electronic storage.
With this resource Galleries will be able to inform their clients of other work available and be able to make selections for future exhibitions. The catalogue will be available for anyone to purchase from me or direct from the Blurb website.

The first commercial show of my work was at ‘The Hawth Theatre’ in Crawley during Feb 1989, this effort yielded enough success at an early stage to encourage me to work and develop as an artist. Twenty three years of activity have seen nearly four thousand drawings and paintings created at the studio in Cranston Road and later here in Park Road, East Grinstead. The fact that ninety percent of these have found buyers amazes me and persuades me to list the current new work alongside that of all the previous years.

Drawings and paintings are at first personal deliberations; such marks and colours become art as they are externalized. Why we prize these coloured deliberations is curious, but prize them we do and we call it art. People show a very individualistic affinity when it comes to acquiring pieces and each piece listed here will one day find its true home when the right person finds it. I often witness new customers latching on to work I have long forgotten with huge enthusiasm, that for me is so exciting, I hope this book extends that possibility.

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