Friday, October 19, 2012

A trip to town

A trip to town

A change of trains at E. Croydon for the super overcrowded Thames Link to St Pancras International. We walked to Brittania Street to see the Franz West show at Gagosian. An open mind is a rare thing - I wanted to look afresh. As if I had not seen before, as a child would see, without the baggage of experience.
Coffee in a narrow shabby street cafe
Into the British Library - vast space - awesome central core of the 'kings collection' We browse manuscripts from the Beatle's 'Yesterday' to the Magna Carta. We want knowledge, we become hungry to learn - we want it all. I buy a paperback (CS Lewis)
Hunt for lunch - back road pub does me a good fishcake and salad with potato wedges, wine on the side - all London style.
Move on to the Museum of zoology in university street nr.  Euston station. One fantastic room of animals and bits of animals in jars and glass cases. Absolutely fascinating. Nearly all Latin text, no dumbing down - one could draw here.
Usual spinning head as we rattle homeward through West Croydon Station.

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