Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tinterotto 1518 - 1594

A study of the dynamic

In certain places Tintoretto is very well regarded, it is unfortunate the shadow of Titian dimmed his glory. I found a book on him last week and knowing I had neglected him, bought it.
He was the master of the dynamic diagonal, his compositions are so vigorous you swear the people move. I feel the need to track some down and copy them in order to read them better. I need to imbibe the man directly - living 80mins from the NG is a valuable thing, an international resource of the finest work.
I'm not sure one can calculate the benefits of copying or how it filters into new painting. Once it becomes a calculation a suffocation of his spirit takes place. I need to walk with him, share his vision and mimic his thinking.
High ideas for a provincial painter.
But as that other man of Tinterotto's age Sir Philip Sydney wrote, 'Who shoots at the midday sun, though he be sure he shall never hit the mark; yet as sure as he is he shall shoot higher than who aims but at a bush'

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