Saturday, November 10, 2012

Going forward

My lull in painting sees creativity in other disciplines. My wooden structure in the garden now stands firmly in position and feels good. I say 'feel' because 'feels good' is an extension of 'looks good' - that inner satisfaction doing a thing well. This is a luxury in our time when pressure is unrelenting to cut costs and deliver tighter efficiencies.
As a young man (40yrs ago) I worked as a carpenter at Hever Castle, converting the old dairies into staff accommodation. I was instructed to make an oak 'gable end' to match the existing style of the building. In those days, power tools were not used on site, I sharpened my handsaw every morning and quietly framed up the old oak flat on the drive before it was erected. I expect its still there. I am glad to have roots in a time past that nurtured the inner satisfaction doing a thing well.
My garden structure is of course a pergola, a word from mid 17th cent. Latin, pergula ‘projecting roof,’ from pergere ‘come or go forward.’
Painting resumes in early December when again I must 'go forward'. My carpentry is rooted in the past. So it is with art, thus my current interest in pre Renaissance art, I trust will enabe me to 'go forward' again in 2013.

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