Saturday, November 17, 2012

ideas from al - Gahiz

'Cock facing a dish' from al - Gahiz

This is from a zoological volume of ancient Arabic Manuscripts I acquired recently.
I am searching continuously for source material that will guide me when I return to work.
Here there are shades of Picasso while pre-dating him by a millennium, I do like to get behind people, finding authentic roots and origins.
What shall I do, is the burning question?
December will be a month of testing, finding and experiment.
 . . . dissatisfaction drives me, drives me deeper into myself and history.
Distillation of my existing iconography.
Selecting and extending personal form.
Recognition of the known.          . . . .  all this and more I must meditate on.

Last week I sold 'departure of the muse' (below) a work from the '90s. An interesting departure, an encouragement for me to work in my own corner.

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