Saturday, November 24, 2012


 I am a maker of things.
After completing the garden pergola recently I had some left over oak.
Perhaps an Oak seat under an Oak tree would be good.
The most comfortable chair I have is the classic Ikea POÄNG
I transfer the section as a full scale rod on to a sheet of hardboard and redraw with the oak in mind instead of the Ikea laminated birch.
The parts are fabricated.
Green oak is lovely to work with, I work methodically with a gentle rhythm - unhurried.
I move outside and assemble the parts for the frame.

substantial, pleasing and comfortable is the brief.
the seat, back and arms are made in the workshop.
Now all together I test it and judge its comfortability - perfect.
Thank you Ikea
I prepare the site - place the seat - it will weather and mature over time.
Me and my seat under the great oak.

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