Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ossip Zadkine

I do like interviews, interviews with artist about working thoughts and methods. I have a number of books by writers who had the wit and occasion to conduct  interviews and publish them. One such is 'Dialogues', conversations with European Artists at Mid-Century by Edouard Roditi.
The last interview in this book dated 1959 is with the poet/sculptor Ossip Zadkine
A sensitive deep thinking man drawing on antiquity for authority and inspiration he returned to Paris after a sojourn in America during the war. He wrote, carved and modelled.
In the interview he said 'I believe that an artist should avoid accepting, for any length of time, any specific formula of style. Whatever may at first seem novel or modern or personal soon becomes a dangerous trick of stylization, a shortcut that makes it easy for the artist to neglect thought, emotion, concentration, real creative work'
I would say 'amen' to that

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