Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Past and present

Next week I start work painting again.
I am thinking about it, circling around in my mind, wondering about the way ahead. I need growth and movement but it is no time to reinvent the wheel by setting out to begin an entirely new cycle of invention. My current centre of thinking revolves around pre Renaissance painting and it occurs to me that this is not a new idea but one that has always been with me so looking back I wonder how this thinking surfaced in my work before.
Here is a piece from the early '90s of two women at a table, a theme I used a lot in a simple realistic fashion simply because people identified with it and I could sell them. But this one is different. This one lapsed into a pre Renaissance pattern and I look back with interest.
I notice how formal it is in its symmetry, how flat it is as it flirts with simple interwoven pattern. There are columns either side that nod at an Early English style along with a colour scheme to match. Its as if I've found what I want to do in my own archives!
I believe there is this thread in my work that needs extracting so that I can study it with a view to forming a platform for me to move on from. To take what is firmly entrenched in my past, understand it and take it forwards.
This is a discovery that makes the way ahead a little less frightening.

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