Thursday, January 24, 2013

14 weeks

At last I begin to focus on painting and the way ahead. Revisions on my studio are now complete which has seen a simplification of content bring more light and air into the space and I trust into my thinking.
I would like to share the product of this fresh beginning at the usual May studio show that is only 14 weeks away. May 4 then is the beacon that will add in a bit of structure to the time ahead.
No promises are made here about how much I will show, only that I will show what I have that is worth showing. I am clear about a non commercial approach, less committed to galleries and more committed to authenticity.
There are more demands elsewhere on my time at present and finding proper time and concentration is a challenge I will have to rise to.
Here's to next week and fecundity.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Finding a language is important, having something to say gives purpose to the language.
Soon I will resume painting.
In my various disciplines I am interested in clarity.
My line, my colour or my choice of words are predictable.
I wish to hone these choices with new stones.
Now is important, more so than the past.
 . . . to speak is to eschew code, to paint is to embrace code.
Authenticity will be its own clarity.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The shape of space

The studio has seen no action for 4 months. It had taken on a deserted feel of abandonment.
With my son so ill I felt no inclination to work.
The winter closes in dark and damp.
Across the garden the studio outline looks sullen. I read different stuff.
Christmas comes and goes.

New years day: I visit the studio and look around.
It gently annoys me in its layout and content.
The annoyance translates into a plan, things will not be the same again.
Latent schemes are resurrected, redundant material is discarded.
A lightness enters my spirit.

More and more is discarded, the interior is dismantled -
The shape of space changes, releasing
an energy that finds fragments of time to execute more change.
The known is exchanged for the unknown.
A hint of life emerges from the chaos.

The truth is that I and my studio are one, what happens to me is replicated there.
I thought I was writing about my workspace
when all the time I was writing about myself.
The known is exchanged for the unknown.
A hint of life emerges from the chaos.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

painting whims

MSCP revived.

New found freedoms from commercial pressure found an outlet today as I cleared spaces in the studio this morning.

This gouache and ink study fell out of some papers and I retrieved it with amusement, putting it to one side for attention later when the studio space revision is complete.
The painting of whims is appealing, after all there is more in a whim than first meets the eye.