Thursday, January 24, 2013

14 weeks

At last I begin to focus on painting and the way ahead. Revisions on my studio are now complete which has seen a simplification of content bring more light and air into the space and I trust into my thinking.
I would like to share the product of this fresh beginning at the usual May studio show that is only 14 weeks away. May 4 then is the beacon that will add in a bit of structure to the time ahead.
No promises are made here about how much I will show, only that I will show what I have that is worth showing. I am clear about a non commercial approach, less committed to galleries and more committed to authenticity.
There are more demands elsewhere on my time at present and finding proper time and concentration is a challenge I will have to rise to.
Here's to next week and fecundity.

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  1. Looking good. A blank canvas awaits.... we wait.


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