Saturday, March 30, 2013

woman Small

New ways to work

I have on a number of occasions found a lot of creative help by moving between disciplines, especially between 2D & 3D, but low relief is different. I am working on two shallow plaster pieces representing a man and a woman, what began as an aside, has become important. Earlier I found only just enough conviction in the project to continue, now they stare back at me unfinished and demand attention. 
The female piece is more advanced, she leads the way. The whiteness mesmerises me, colour can only wash lightly as a faded distemper, shadow takes to itself a new value and cannot be ignored.
I have found the older I get the harder it becomes, the bar is higher and I need to know that my hands and heart can leap as they did before. The reliefs will be in the show, for leaping is no longer physical, rather a matter of the spirit within.

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