Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The nurtured tree

Watercolour is prone to dominate the user. It makes the artist subserviant to technique and that in turn undermines creativity and exploratory work.
Overcoming this tyranny is liberating because watercolour is the most amazingly fluid medium, so well suited for exploring new ideas.
This is one of fifteen new pieces that examine new ideas. Here an androgynous figure picks fruit from an anthropomorphic tree, an idea that may need some work, but based on an old motif of mine called the nurtured tree.
The speed that watercolour demands assist the creative process as the work develops before the mind can censor it! 

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  1. Hi John It's the mind dammit. 'The dull brain perpelxes and retards' John Keats
    All my meditation and life efforts recently have been to be lead by the heart. Apparently the heart is the source of most brain activity and at the moment my understanding is that the brain is like a receiver /transmiter. The conscious mind is full of unhelpful stuff. Neil


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