Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Browser

The contents of art browsers vary from place to place. Once a reliquary for past paper fragments too good to throw away, the Browser now has come of age.

Now it is material awaiting frames, no longer dubious material unworthy of a frame, more pre-frame rather than post-frame. The enduring problem though is that one needs a special eye to see the true value of unframed work as the frame so often lifts the work to a new level of respect and enjoyment.

The price structure within my browsers is - I must admit - a little uneven, this means that there are  good opportunities in the browser, reflected in the amount of attention they receive. 

Come and see for yourself next Saturday or Monday 10.00am - 6.00pm

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lovers return

The completed plaster panels are finished and hanging in their place ready for the show to start. I ought to give them names but none come to mind, perhaps you can help me . . . . . They carry an ancient Mediterranean warmth and emotion that pleases me, I am in no particular rush to part with these two!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

grounded optimism

This new painting started with a single figure, but such a feeling of melancholia occurred I added a companion. Even now they look lost in their own thoughts. 
Colour is the major theme, vibrant colour whose abstract quality plays with a level of reality and vernacular warmth. 
I'm happy to show it on May4&6, it carries a sort of grounded optimism that comforts me.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Looking at paintings

The effect of art

As show preparations continue I find myself 'looking' at the paintings. Some sense of satisfaction would be nice, but is rarely felt. Anxiety is present instead. An unsureness on my part is better than satisfaction for new has no comparisons, there is no 'is it as good as' for me. I must only refer to 'is that what I wanted'. That there some tension or energy in the work is so important as a life giving element.
To connect with people I must engage with them internally via the work. Expectation is a moving target, as unknown as tomorrow.
I am on a fixed course now, the work is done, May 4 & 6 will be here very shortly and your opportunity to see the show for yourself.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What price for Art

After painting and selling for 25years I am still regularly asked the same question in front of a picture, 'How long did it take?' or in other words 'what is your rate per hour?'  I remind them that art is not a question of labour for it is not work or a labour as such and therefore the price in not a calculation of its parts. We must first judge how good it is, which will bear little reference to the labour involved but a lot to do with its ability to move the viewer in the soul. To move a viewer the artist must be first moved themselves.
Art should begin as a response to life and not a response to the market, the latter is to flatter and will be a fake stimuli to the heart that will not last. To 'feel' life is emotionally expensive, a costly wearing of our being and to translate this into colour is not a common skill. It is a different altogether, it is deeper than 'talent', its a transmutation of emotion that can be read by another with ability to receive.
What price art, as always is what people will pay and that, I hope, is governed by how much they feel not on how much they have got.