Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What price for Art

After painting and selling for 25years I am still regularly asked the same question in front of a picture, 'How long did it take?' or in other words 'what is your rate per hour?'  I remind them that art is not a question of labour for it is not work or a labour as such and therefore the price in not a calculation of its parts. We must first judge how good it is, which will bear little reference to the labour involved but a lot to do with its ability to move the viewer in the soul. To move a viewer the artist must be first moved themselves.
Art should begin as a response to life and not a response to the market, the latter is to flatter and will be a fake stimuli to the heart that will not last. To 'feel' life is emotionally expensive, a costly wearing of our being and to translate this into colour is not a common skill. It is a different altogether, it is deeper than 'talent', its a transmutation of emotion that can be read by another with ability to receive.
What price art, as always is what people will pay and that, I hope, is governed by how much they feel not on how much they have got. 

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