Friday, May 31, 2013

Cafe beginnings

Here are the embryonic ideas that may develop into a new 'Cafe' oil painting. This large watercolour sketch contains the gist of what is wanted, but not in the right quantities.
Figures, three tables and backdrop all fine, it just needs compression to exagerate the dynamics of figures in a closer juxtaposition. From this draft I will make a new drawing, scaling up the figures, overlapping some and watching how form interacts when expanded.
Colour too must be heightened, and to this end I have prepared a canvas now coloured with a Venetian Red ground from which to start. While this dries I will contemplate other themes for the same venue - I like more than one pan on at once - it keeps me alive.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chaotic joy

Now I step into new work. I circle around in my mind and think of old (past) - I look away with an 'after image' still imprinted on my retina.
At this point in new work, writing can neither comprehend or be comprehensible for the truth of the work is in the making of that work. The drawing above is a menagerie - a mirror of my moving mind.
Writing an Artists statement is not for me, they are commercial tricks - look back at my footprints, there is a statement by the artist, an after image, read that if you like and you will know me then, as I was.
Next is unknown, God know next, I don't.
Unpicking the mystery of now is in drawing, a code to be coloured by my fingers quietly using whispers from my heart.